Campus and Student Life

Pittsburgh is a great place for students. It’s been named “America’s most livable city” repeatedly by Forbes and The Economist. Within the past two decades, Pittsburgh has become a vibrant, highly accessible city known for its regeneration and quality-of-life initiatives. This makes it the perfect setting for higher education.

More than 86,000 students call Pittsburgh their higher-ed home. Despite its relatively small size (about 300,000 people), Pittsburgh offers a vibrant cultural scene, a diverse university community (five colleges within a two-mile radius), and numerous parks and green spaces. Affordable housing in interesting neighborhoods and an extensive network of bike paths give students wide options in living and commuting.

The attractive, compact Carnegie Mellon University campus is in Oakland, an urban neighborhood that’s rich in museums, libraries, and opportunities for entertainment. Nearby Craig Street offers a variety of restaurants and shops within close walking distance. The numerous dormitories, sororities, and fraternities on and next to campus help create a strong sense of community among our students. 

As a design student you will belong to a diverse, intellectually rich community. To learn more about campus and student life, please follow these links:

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