Transition Design

Video from the Transition Design Symposium

This international symposium held in June 2016 on the Dartington Estate in Devon,home to pioneering experiments in living in the twentieth of century, brought together leading designers, educators, environmentalists and activists working, writing and researching on transition-related issues to explore the potential of Transition Design.

School of Design to Co-Host Symposium and Short Course on Transition Design

Transition Design, an area of design research, practice and study that was conceived at the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University in 2012, was featured in a symposium and short course hosted with Schumacher College on June 17th.

Flip Labs CEO Hosts Mini-Course on Designing for Systems Change

All of our social and environmental problems today are the result of human systems producing bad outcomes, whether that’s by design to reinforce existing power structures, or unintentionally due to unforeseen dynamics or consequences. In order to better understand how design process can be used to change the world, Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design approached Cheryl Dahle, CEO of Flip Labs, to put on a mini-course for students and members of Pittsburgh foundations.

Cameron Tonkinwise Talks Sharing Economies for Design the Future

Cameron Tonkinwise, Director of Design Studies at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, will be the featured speaker at the next Design the Future lecture on January 20th. Tonkinwise’s talk will argue that Interaction Design is now a crucial enabler of some very significant socioeconomic shifts.


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