• Interactive Wearable: Koselig
  • UX/UI & Branding: Microsoft Surface Kiosk
  • Interactive Travel Buddy: Okaeri
  • Basic HTML/CSS: Animal Shelter Website Redesign
Interactive Wearable: Koselig

Confluence 2016 Reel

Praewa Suntiasvaraporn

Hi! I'm Praew, currently a Junior in the Industrial Design program with an interest in IDeaTe (interaction design, Arduino), service and sustainable design. I believe in creating things that makes people smile, and designing things to give people comfort. Here are a few examples of the projects that I have worked on, a lot of them focusing on improving an experience for a user, or a group of users/system. Here is the link to my portfolio to check these projects out in more detail! : psuntias.com

Okaeri Video

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