February 17 - 19, 2021

CMU School of Design’s

26th Annual Career Days Event

If you’ve never attended Confluence before, you might anticipate a typical career fair with booths, students with stacks of resumes, and other normal sites. Confluence, however, is anything but your typical career fair. Instead, students open the door to their studios to showcase their work, talk about what their passions are and how they manifest in their designing, and what they hope to find in full-time or internship opportunities.

Normally, this event takes place in the physical studio spaces of the Design students in Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall on CMU’s Pittsburgh campus. Due to COVID, however, the School of Design is currently in the process of putting together a website where students will be able to virtually feature their work. Employers will have a chance to browse student work virtually the week of February 15th prior to the Creative Arts Opportunities Conference on February 18th, hold info sessions and individual semi-formal conversations with students the week prior, or interview students directly following virtual studio tours on February 19th. No matter how you meet CMU’s Design students and familiarize yourself with their work, your company won’t regret getting to see what we do here at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design.

Questions? Contact Caedyn Busche from the College of Fine Arts Career and Professional Development Center cbusche@andrew.cmu.edu

Deadline: TBA

Wednesday, February 17


Thursday, February 18

Creative Arts Opportunities Conference (CAOC)

Friday, February 19

Carnegie Mellon University Hosted Interviews