Ahmed Ansari on Design Filling Human Needs


Ahmed Ansari, an MDES alumnus from Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design, was featured in Medium on how design should fulfill current human needs:

"...critical design is not sufficiently critical or imaginative. Its provocations reflect the fears, anxieties, desires, imaginaries, and ultimately, politics of an intellectual, liberal progressive white middle class that believes in the promise and purity of technological progress. At their worst, projects claim to be apolitical, vested as they are in purely aesthetic preoccupations; at best, they acknowledge a link to real issues without committing themselves explicitly to any political program of action. Critical design fails to recognize that all design, even design that claims political neutrality, is a form of frozen politics, that the material is always committed to a political agenda even when it does not claim to be. How often do critical designers acknowledge the role that their own class, race, and gender privileges, their ideological commitments play in shaping their own work?"

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Date Published: 
Friday, August 28, 2015
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