Daniel Rosenberg Muñoz Named 2022-2023 Wimmer Faculty Fellow


Daniel Rosenberg Muñoz, an Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, was recently named a 2022-2023 Wimmer Faculty Fellow by CMU’s Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation.

These fellowships are made possible by a grant from the Wimmer Family Foundation and are designed for junior faculty members interested in enhancing their teaching through concentrated work designing or re-designing a course, innovating new materials, or exploring a new pedagogical approach. Fellows work in close collaboration with Eberly Center colleagues and receive a stipend to acknowledge the work it takes to improve one's effectiveness as an educator. 

“The Wimmer Fellowship was the first fellowship I have ever received,” said Daniel. “I felt honored and very excited for the opportunity to have dedicated time to enhance my teaching and courses with the help of the Eberly experts.”

Daniel plans on using the Fellowship to create active learning activities throughout the semester to foster discussion among students, help them master innovative ideas of design, and prepare research proposals, the next big step in their program.

“My plan is to apply some of the teaching strategies I developed to other courses,” said Daniel. “For example, some of the active learning activities could be applied to my studio and lab/technical courses. Also, I am collecting data to evaluate the course outcomes and I plan to reflect on and improve these strategies in the future.”

For Daniel, design is a hands-on practice that is learned through doing.

“I think active learning activities could bring this content to life by incorporating the learning-by-doing component--by having students reflect and discuss on a topic by debating, playing roles, and prototyping in class,” added Daniel. “Also, active learning activities are fun!”

Daniel looks forward to seeing this Fellowship contribute to the learning environment that already thrives here at the School of Design. 

“Here you will learn design through a unique approach combining thoughtfulness (design for good) + craft (design skills) in an engaging and caring community,” said Daniel.

“This fellowship has been really amazing in helping me find a way to prepare/design my courses.”

The Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation brings pedagogical and technological issues together to support Carnegie Mellon faculty and graduate students in their roles as educators.

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Date Published: 
Wednesday, October 12, 2022
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