Design Students Present at Meeting of the Minds


As part of Carnegie Mellon's campus-wide Meeting of the Minds, 10 design students presented their undergraduate research on May 7, 2014. Over 475 students shared their work through poster sessions, oral presentations, art installations, prototype demonstrations, and performances in celebration of undergraduate research at Carnegie Mellon.   

Developing a Tool for Women with Hand Tremors

Nigel Alcorn, Design (R in photo)

Shirley Wang, Design (L in photo)

Advisor: Stephen Stadelmeier, Design

A spatial collaborative information organization interface

Michael Chiu, Computer Science 2015

Antonio Ono, Design 2015


Siddharth Dedhia, Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014

Min Kyung Kim, Design 2015

Yong Joon Kwon, Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014

Junho Lee, Design 2015

Joseph Oak, Design 2014

Zachary Rousselle, Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014

Burgh Bees Educational Apiary

Sonal Chakrasali, Design 2014

Kevin Kan, Design 2014

 Advisor: Dylan Vitone, Design

Happy Feet - Heels That Convert Into Flats

Nigel Alcorn, Design 2014

Sijia Wang, Design 2014

Advisor: Stephen Stadelmeier, Design

On Natural Curiosities: Discovering the Animal World Through Self Motivation

Sarah Gao, BHA 2014

Advisors: M. Stephanie Murray, BHA & Stephen Stadelmeier, Design

Solar Sterilization and Distillation Unit for Water for Resource-Poor Settings

Anshul Dhankher, Biomedical Engineering 2014

Gryphon Drake, Materials Science Engineering 2014

Jinie Haytko, Chemical Engineering 2014

Yatindra Patel, Biomedical Engineering 2014

Christine Sidoti, Biomedical Engineering 2014

Gihoon Song, Design 2014

Date Published: 
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
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