Design Thesis Papers Available in CMU’s Research Showcase


It’s never been easier to access the work of the School of Design’s Masters Students.

The Research Showcase @ CMU, which went live in 2009, serves as CMU’s institutional repository (IR) and is managed by the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries. The focus of the Research Showcase is to provide a platform for free online access to full-text work by Carnegie Mellon university authors.

Most of the content in Research Showcase has been harvested from university websites or has been sent to the library by faculty and then is checked for format and copyright compliance and deposited by library staff.  Many works that CMU faculty publish might be behind a publisher paywall or cannot be included in an IR because of copyright, but CMU endeavors to make open access versions of the research available through Research Showcase. As of this month, there are 16,795 records in the IR and there have been over 5 million all-time downloads.

Masters theses from the School of Design started to become available in 2012. Thanks to this database, users from around the world are finding this exciting Design research, which might not be available anywhere else online. Currently there are 88 theses available, which have been downloaded, almost 46,000 times, with over 16,000 of those downloads occurring in the past year. 

To date, the most downloaded Design paper is “Museum Visitor Engagement Through Resonant, Rich and Interactive Experiences” (2011) by Cheryl Templeton, which has had over 3,000 downloads since it was included in Research Showcase.  In order to bridge the gap between museum collection information and visitor engagement, Templeton’s thesis proposes a framework for increasing engagement through resonant, rich, and interactive experiences mediated by a personal mobile guide, and presents a case study and functional prototype mobile guide for the Hall of Architecture at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Other notable theses include:

Right now the Research Showcase hosts text-based PDFs but within the next year or so the Libraries will be migrating the Research Showcase into a new platform that will be able to accept many more kinds of media, which will integrate more seamlessly with a campus-wide research information system and data repository.

For all of the School of Design Theses and to see a real-time map of global downloads >>

Date Published: 
Friday, July 15, 2016