Graduate Design Studio 2 Presentations

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 11:00am

Join us as five teams of graduate students present their final projects for the "Design to improve life" 2020 Design Challenge. The design challenge was organized in partnership with the INDEX Project.

These presentations are open to the public.  If you would like to attend, please RSVP using the form below:

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The INDEX Project

Design to improve life®

Design brief:

We live in the Anthropocene Era. Design and the impact of design is everywhere around us. Human beings are a force shaping the planet’s geology, ecosystems, and weather. Depending on one’s perspective, living conditions are getting much better or much worse. Areas of societal progress (e.g., access to information, goods, education, water, agriculture) can be contrasted to planetary challenges (e.g., Climate Change, Sixth Mass Extinction).   

Rather than debate such conflicting perspectives, let us take on a third view that acknowledges both undeniable progress and big challenges. Everyone can play a role in improving life. Design can be a force of good in the world when long term sustainability guides the way. Sustainable development typically has three components: economic effectiveness, social balance, and environmental responsibility. 

“Design to improve life” can be parsed as: 

  • Form = Design·       
  • Impact = To improve·       
  • Context = Life 

Life can be understood broadly to include five areas: body, home, work, play & learning, and community. Your challenge is to design a product, service, or solution that improves life. Demonstrate a creation that is innovative, maps back to a clear need, and leverages current technologies (or those that are feasible in the near-term). Your creation may be near-term practical or blue sky, but it must have a realistic chance of adoption if instantiated.

Student Projects

Mosaic: Being Human is the New Differentiator
Mosaic is a digital learning platform that builds a more resilient workforce through access to soft skills education and actionable information about workplace rights.

Yomo is a health literacy service that accompanies women through their health by focussing on collective care around critical transitions for an improved life.

Celebrate moments. Prepare for the future. Create peace of mind by taking care of what we cherish in our lives.

Establishing a bilateral relationship between data makers and data takers by enabling the data makers to exercise informed choices and convenient control over their data.

Kwilt: Weaving a new social fabric
Facilitating relationships between communities of place and communities of practice to build resilient communities