Graphic Design USA Names Two CMU Undergrads as Students to Watch in 2017


Graphic Design USA, a business-to-business information source for graphic design professionals for more than 50 years, has named Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design students Faith Kaufman and Lily Fulop as two of their Students to Watch for 2017. The list, sponsored by The Creative Group, identifies top students ready to make a significant impact on design who have found personal and professional growth through their programs.

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The School of Design had some additional questions for these two Students to Watch:

Faith Kaufman

What are you studying and what interests you?
My primary focus at CMU is Communication Design. I have an additional major in Human Computer Interaction and a minor in Media Design. I have a love for everything from Visual Design and Illustration to UI/UX and Design Research. I'm most excited by Design projects that initiate interaction and involvement of the user. My goal is to make work that is both intuitive and delightful.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?
Following graduation, I hope to work as a Visual or UI designer. Down the road, I'd love to be a Creative Director, have my own agency, and/or teach design in an academic setting.

Describe your experience at the School of Design?
My education from Carnegie Mellon's School of Design began before I graduated high school. I spent the summer before my senior year taking the CMU Pre-College Art and Design classes. I had had a hunch that CMU Design was where I wanted to be, and those 6 weeks of getting to be in the studio spaces confirmed that CMU Design was the right choice. Now a Junior at CMU, I have loved my time here! Everyday, I feel challenged and pushed by the courses and concepts I am being taught. One thing I love about CMU Design is being in a building with so many people that are incredibly passionate about so many different areas of design. It's amazing to be able to be exposed to the work being done by Communication Designers, Product Designers, and Environment Designers.

I have had lots of favorite classes here. One that I especially appreciate taking is Dan Boyarski's "Time, Motion, and Communication" course. It's a Motion Graphics course that I had been looking forward to taking for a while. What made taking this class even more special is that it was Dan's last time teaching the course before retiring. Because I grew up taking dance classes, motion has always been something that has fascinated me. It was really exciting for me to learn how to incorporate it into design. I really learned so much in this class! One thing Dan would say is that each element on the screen is a character on the stage. During this class, design compositions were looked at as performances for the viewer. This is such an interesting perspective to take on Communication Design. We also learned about how these principles of Time and Motion can be translated to other areas of design, including User Experience Design. Additionally, Dan also always stressed the importance of keeping experimentation alive in your design practice.

What can a future Design student expect here at Carnegie Mellon University?
At CMU, you're not just taught design. You're also taught how to be and think like a designer. We learn to use design for solving problems- even the ones that seem too big to address. I think it is because we gain an understanding of how systems work. At CMU, you also get a rich skill-set in the area of design you specialize in so that you can create experiences that are beautiful and enjoyable.

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Lily Fulop

What are you studying and what interests you?
I'm in the Communication Design track here at CMU. I'm interested in a LOT of things, but they all have to do with color and tangibility and authenticity. I love playful illustration and print design, and more artistic aspects of design (rather than UX and research). I love making things with my hands, and I'm interested in creating prints for fabrics for home goods and clothing.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?
I would love to be a creative director and do editorial magazine work. I wouldn't mind having my own design firm, too.

Describe your experience at the School of Design?
As I've grown here, I've discovered that some of my own interests that don't necessarily align with our curriculum. However, I've realized that the wonderful thing about CMU isn't necessarily the technical skills that we learn, but rather the way we learn to think and the way we approach problems which is applicable to all kinds of design. So, even if I diverge from the type of design that's often done at CMU, I know I'll have the skills to succeed. That being said, I've really appreciated my Communication Design studios every semester, which have pushed me to become more adaptable, thorough, and creative.

I have too many favorite classes. The first one that came to mind was Dan Boyarski's sophomore Communication Design studio. It was so exciting to finally be doing the kind of design I knew I wanted to do, after the freshman foundational year. I also really enjoyed Kristin's junior Communication Design studio where we started making books.

What can a future Design student expect here at Carnegie Mellon University?
CMU is a great place for people who want to think. We don't just make shiny and trendy posters here— we make experiences for people that matter. If you want to make a difference —rather than something pretty— come to CMU. (you can make pretty things too).

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Date Published: 
Thursday, February 16, 2017