Graphic Design USA Names Two CMU Undergrads as Students to Watch in 2018


Graphic Design USA, a business-to-business information source for graphic design professionals for more than 50 years, has named Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design students Juan Aranda and Tiffany Lai as two of their Students to Watch for 2018. The list, sponsored by The Creative Group, identifies top students ready to make a significant impact on design who have found personal and professional growth through their programs.

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The School of Design had some additional questions for these two Students to Watch:

Juan Aranda

What are you studying and what interests you?
I'm a junior studying communication design with a minor in professional writing. I'm really interested in typography and publication design.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?
Hopefully somewhere warm, maybe near a beach.  A design agency would be nice too.

Describe your experience at the School of Design?
I feel like I've grown as an individual and a designer during my time in the School of Design.

What can a future Design student expect here at Carnegie Mellon University?
It's a lot of hard of work but I you get to learn from some really talented people. I also love the strong sense of community at the School of Design.

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Tiffany Lai

What are you studying and what interests you?
At CMU, I'm concentrated primarily on Communications Design. I'm interested in a range of things, namely UI/UX, illustration, and service design. Although I work mainly in 2D, I constantly find myself itching to create things with my hands. I want to create unique and novel experiences for people.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?
After I graduate, I hope to work on multidisciplinary teams and on projects that involve some sort of service design.

Describe your experience at the School of Design?
My experience at CMU has been one of the most rewarding of my life. Before enrolling here, I was unconciously incompetent and didn't know myself as a designer at all; I only knew I wanted to create. As I started from the ground up, I grew to love the school and the program. The thing I love most about the CMU's School of Design is my peers. They are some of the most ambitious and passionate people I've met, and I constantly feel inspired, challenged, and motivated to push myself to be better.

Something I appreciate about School of Design is how much people in it care about the world and the future, and I feel like my entire mindset about design has changed over the course of these three years. As a junior, I love all three tracks in Design, but I ultimately chose Communications Design as my focus. One of my favorite semesters was when I took both Environments Design and Communications Design. During that period of time, I worked on fast-paced projects with professors Peter Scupelli, Austin Lee, and Dan Boyarski. It was actually Dan's studio class that helped me make my decision to choose Communications Design. I enjoy all aspects of design, and CMU has equipped me well to help me focus on what I want to do.

What can a future Design student expect here at Carnegie Mellon University?
You can expect to be challenged on the way you view design. At CMU, design isn't just pixel-perfect graphics. It encompasses a large field of issues, technology, social innovation, physical and digital space. CMU's School of Design will equip you with the necessary skillsets to work on whatever field of design you are passionate about. Expect to gain a family here.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018
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