Imago: Play During a Pandemic

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Elena Deng

Imago Explanation and User Experience

  • Storyboard
    Final Product Storyboard
  • Final Imago Blocks
    Final Imago Blocks
  • boat from imago blocks
    boat from imago blocks
  • tower from imago blocks
    tower from imago blocks
  • Imago Blocks within Packaging
    Imago Blocks within Packaging
  • opened box
    opened imago box packaging
  • imago print assets
    Imago Print Assets
  • Final Virtual Playspace Render
    Final Virtual Playspace Render
  • Ideation Sketches
    Ideation Sketches
  • Final Block Orthographic
    Final Block Design Orthographic

1. Product Storyboard: Explaining the user process and parts of the kit

2. Final Block Design

3. Blocks used to create an interpretation of a boat

4. Block creation using materials found within backyard

5. Imago Kit Packaging

6. Imago Kit Opened with Onboarding packet

7. Onboarding Packet Content

8. Virtual Playspace Render

9. Ideation Sketches 

10. Final Block Design Sketches

11. Virtual Playspace Video