Jonathan Chapman Featured in GreenBiz


The School of Design's Jonathan Chapman was recently featured in GreenBiz for their article "Playing for keeps: Is designing emotional durability the key to a circular economy?" The article, written by Lauren Phipps focuses on the concept of "emotional durability" and how it affects the items that we use.

From GreenBiz:

"We are consumers of meaning, not matter," says Jonathan Chapman, who coined the term and authored a book on the subject. And it's not just about the distinct sentimentality of your first car or the unforgettable memory associated with an old concert T-shirt, he says. Designers and marketers can engineer emotional durability into their products and brands.

"The whole marketing approach needs to start with helping people see that we already view material things in this way," said Chapman, now a professor and director of doctoral studies at Carnegie Mellon's School of Design, in a recent interview. "We are capable of forming attachments, repairing things and keeping stuff. We do it every day."

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Date Published: 
Thursday, March 14, 2019