May Mash-Up

Friday, May 5, 2017 - 5:00pm

Come to the May Mash-UP on May 5th to learn more about the fun we’re having building community at Latham St. Commons!

This event will feature a little bit of a lot of things. Learn more about Night Owl Bakers, Kelly Lane: Organic Clothing, and sign-up for home lead test kits. Find out what it means to M.A.P. the 15206, play with your food moods, and get crafty with exquisite coloring. This event is for all ages. Children are especially welcome to join our kids cooking show!

Latham St. Commons is a place where we not only test new ways of living as a community, but also provide an innovative approach to workforce development and employment so that individuals can become self-sufficient. Our mission is to provide the necessary tools that engage, connect, encourage and celebrate individuals of all ages, who will help to design shared learning experiences that improve the overall health of their community. We aim to dissolve the idea of us vs. them, so that we’re left with just us, living well, together.

Join us as we dabble with perspectives on capital and fiddle with food.

May Mash-UP

Friday, May 05, 2017

30 Latham St., Pittsburgh PA 15206