Senior Review Fall 2020 Session A

Wednesday, December 16th, Presentation Times

Hideaway Privacy Pods
Designer: Dani Delgado
Presentation Time: 9:10am

Alternative waiting room furniture designed to provide a higher level of privacy and comfort for patients, but with a focus on those with larger assistive devices.

Designer: Nick Marotta
Presentation Time: 9:30am

A puzzle in the ophthalmology waiting room inclusively offers pleasant interactions with strangers.

Designers: Christine Chen, Jae Son & Elizabeth Wang
Presentation Time: 9:50am

A digital campaign to bridge the gap between members and non-members of communities in transition.

All About the Eye
Designers: Jenna Kim, Jenni Lee & Rachel Lee
Presentation Time: 10:20am

An interactive storybook that teaches children of visually impaired patients about the science behind the eye, empathy, etiquette, and how to be an ally through a series of stories and activities.

Occupational Therapy at Home
Designer: Meijie Hu & Ian Shei
Presentation Time: 10:40am

Personal occupational therapy activity tracking for blind and low-vision people.

Designers: Danny Cho & Amber Lee
Presentation Time: 1:40pm

Educational installation and interface for BLV social etiquette.

Designers: Julia Nishizaki & Cindy Zhang
Presentation Time: 2:00pm

An app that will encourage digital natives to become volunteers for medical system.

Designer: Eric Wong
Presentation Time: 2:20pm

Reimagining the patient transport experience.

Designer: Thomas Yuon
Presentation Time: 2:50pm

Accessible check-in station for all visitors.

Patient Education Center
Designers: Lauren Kenny & Matthew Nam
Presentation Time: 3:10pm

A patient education system with a dedicated physical space within UPMC to educate and empower patients along their healthcare journey.

Life Full of Colors
Designer: Ikjong Choi
Presentation Time: 3:30pm

A drama aimed to tell the truth about colorblindness and wake people up hopefully.