Senior Review Fall 2020 Session B

Wednesday, December 16th, Presentation Times

What Should I Talk About?
Designers: Julie Choi, Alice Fang & Mimi Jiao
Presentation Time: 9:10am

A tool for patient self reflection and communication.
Designers: Vicky Zhou & Jason Zhu
Presentation Time: 9:30am

Reimagining the pharmacy experience for ESL care.

Designer: Joel Neely
Presentation Time: 9:50am

Waiting room furniture intended to help physical thearapy patients become more aware of their recovery and condition.

Untethered Waiting
Designer: Sabrina Zhai
Presentation Time: 10:20am

A haptic wearable system for giving patients freedom to roam during long wait times.

Designer: Stefano Didonato
Presentation Time: 10:40am

A system that helps visualize color in an expressive, alternative, and inclusive way.

Designer: Elena Deng & Emily Zhou
Presentation Time: 11:00am

A virtual community connecting patients in isolated exam rooms–serving as a stepping stone to connect to external means of support.

Guided Visualization
Designer: Eliza Pratt
Presentation Time: 1:40

A preparatory visual experience to relieve patient anxiety around upcoming cataract surgery.

Black Women Deserve
Designers: Sophia Fan, Margot Gersing & Jaclyn Saik
Presentation Time: 2:00pm

A campaign to centralize and elevate the work of community groups dedicated to supporting Black women's health.

Designers: Davis Dunaway & Miranda Luong
Presentation Time: 2:20pm

An audio and tactile system to allow people with BLV to independently explore interior spaces.

Designers: Hannah Cai, Eunice Choe & Sophia Kim
Presentation Time: 2:50pm

A large print journal that aims to reimagine printed healthcare information for older adults with newly diagnosed conditions.

Guide Dog Garden
Designer: Connor McGaffin
Presentation Time: 3:10pm

A resting place dedicated to the needs of BLV patients and their guide dogs.

Designer: Nina Yoo
Presentation Time: 3:30pm

A tool to help both patient and doctor create a personalized document for the patient to take home.