Senior Reviews

Monday, May 4th

Presentation Times

Designers: Stephanie Chen, Janet Lee, Audrey Zheng
Presentation Time: 1:40pm

How we might create a support system for international female students all around the college campus?
A three-part system designed to foster better mental health among international Asian female students.

COVID with / care
Designers: Ashin Jain, Ethan Ye, Sharon Lee, Katie Chen
Presentation Time: 2:00pm

How might we empower stay-home individuals who lack professional medical support during the time of pandemic?
with/care is a COVID-19 symptom & temperature tracking app for people 
to feel supported at home by giving them the capability to monitor their own well-being. The app offers three key features: daily symptom logs, dashboard, and timeline visualizations for symptoms and temperature. Our app is unique in the sense that it provides stay-home patients with a powerful tool to visualize progression of symptoms and compare between individual symptoms over time.

A Kids Book About COVID-19
Designer: Helen Reynolds
Presentation Time: 2:20pm

How might we tackle explaining COVID-19 to children?
A Kids Book About COVID-19 is a digital book written by social epidemiologist Malia Jones to inform kids about the pandemic. By adding visuals to Jones's text, the book becomes an even more compelling and informative resource for parents and children.

Octavia's Mail
Designer: Christopher Reyes
Presentation Time: 2:35pm

How might we provide non-digital forms of connection to a community during a time of social isolation?
Octavia's Mail provides a means for visitors to write notes of encouragement to neighbors, leave advice, and read messages left behind. Visitors with specific worries or thoughts can anonymously ask for a direct reply, or simply take a note left by a neighbor. Hand-painted mailboxes and postcards that combine painting with playful typography help bring about what digital means of communication don't quite provide in times of social distancing—evidence of a human touch.


Designers: Matthew McGehee, Mason Shor, David Chikowski
Presentation Time: 3:00pm

We are three designers, designing and exploring, to positively affect local business communities during quarantine. We will constrain ourselves: each charrette will exist as a representation of a possible intervention—truly a futuring exercise—each charrette will exist as a commentary on a change we've observed, by suggesting change we propose—medium is constrained to what we have digitally or physically at hand. This allows us to explore what we are capable of doing in the current social climate in self quarantine and practicing remote learning to possibly affect behavior positively through our design.

The Marshall: Reimagined
Designers: Tammar Zea Wolfson, Erin Ryan, and Liam Van Oort
Presentation Time: 3:20pm

How might we work together to support the diverse local arts scene in Pittsburgh?
The Marshall: Reimagined is an ongoing design process to bring stakeholder values and insights together to build a 21st-century arts organization with dynamic programming, deepened community relationships, and a platform to support diverse arts practitioners.

Questions for Quarantine
Designer: CJ Walsh
Presentation Time: 3:40pm

How might we create spaces for low-stress digital interactions to share experiences of quarantined life?
Questions for Quarantine is an online platform collecting the stories, statements and feelings of individuals. In a monumental time in human history, people across the world are collectively experiencing societal shutdown and having to remain at home. This site serves to collect information on how people are handling this new environment, and also provides a gathering space for low-stress digital interaction. Whether you are interested in the experiences of others, looking for advice, or just need to hear a positive message, Questions for Quarantine can provide moments of solace while we all adjust to being stuck at home.

Knock Knock
Designers: Sherry Wu and Zoe Lehn
Presentation Time: 3:55pm

How might we connect residents within rental communities?
Knock Knock brings apartment communities together by enabling in-person interactions. On this platform, you can find out about events, borrow and lend stuff to your neighbors, join an interest group, or just make a friend. Knock Knock opens the door to a connected community.