Senior Reviews

Tuesday, May 5th

Presentation Times

Improving New Literacy
Designers: Rachel G., Rachel F., Yoon Young K.
Presentation Time: 1:40pm

How might we help educate and bring awareness to college students of the presence of fake news in the media?
The goal of our project is to help people in our community at CMU to become more news literate. Our idea was to create a series of interactions through an on-campus installation, supplemented by a website. We created two activities which help people think critically about the news that they see, making it more approachable and fun for the user through gamification. We also want to highlight that there is not always a hard line that divides "fake" news from "real" news. Some articles contain truth, but are misleading in other ways, and this nuance is what makes it so hard to become news literate in the first place.

Mommy Issues
Designers: Anna Gross, Maddie Headrick, Serina Liu
Presentation Time: 2:00pm

How might we add to the conversation around the transition into motherhood through designing experimental reflections?
This project is a collection of expressive and interactive micro-projects that attempt to capture the transition into motherhood in order to 1.) Explore the physical and emotional insights we gained from our research more deeply through making. 2.) Challenge the means by which we as designers gain empathy. 3.) Question how this process will change our own perception of motherhood. 4.) Question the lack of transparency around our society's representation of motherhood.

Pet Club: Lend a Paw
Designers: Maddy Cha, Allissa Chan, Robert Managad
Presentation Time: 2:20pm

How might we facilitate person-to-person pet care within communities?
Pet Club is an app that allows community members with pet-related needs & community members who can provide pet-related services to connect with one another as an alternative to potentially inaccessible services, making sure that even the animal members of our families can get the care they need.

Post-Industrial: Giving new life to old infrastructure
Designers: Asher Blackburn, Max Stropkay, Supawat Vitoorapakorn
Presentation Time: 2:40pm

How might we create a new economic model using abandoned communication cable?
Our 21st-century furniture and home goods are made from abandoned communication cable (coax cable). Communication cables in the U.S. measure about 60 billion feet—almost half the circumference of the earth. As technology evolves, most coax cables become outdated and are abandoned on telephone poles, homes, and basements. Our furniture and products are incredibly durable and like coax cable, are meant to survive outside of your home. All items are made in Pittsburgh, PA, with locally sourced material. Beyond creating products, Post-Industrial educates and incentivizes local scrap yards, electricians, and homeowners to remove and turn in abandoned cables by establishing a market value for the wires. Our products and story can be found on our website at


Connected Still: Staying connected to the people in the same house, even when we're busy.
Designer: William Su
Presentation Time: 3:10pm

How might we interact and stay connected during the busy parts of the day in the age of confinement and social distancing?
A project where I set out to brighten my brother's day in an age of confinement and social distancing through creating toys and sensory objects.

Project NoWaste
Designer: Laura Rospigliosi
Presentation Time: 3:25pm

How might we create a system to help reduce waste production in maker shops around the world?
The goal of this three-part system is to reduce and recycle 3D printing waste in maker spaces. It aims to educate, learn from, and inform students, makers, designers, and everything in between, of how we are impacting this planet and how to do our part in creating objects that are aware of our impact in our environment.

Designer: Jackie Chou, Rachel Kim, Sun Min Kim
Presentaiton Time: 3:40pm

How might we use nudges to build a lifelong financial service for college students' unique needs?
Smartpiggy is a financial service designed for college students, using an integrated physical and digital service to help students gradually change their spending habits and pay off their student loans.

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