Sofía Bosch Gomez Presents at Transformation Trend Forum


Sofía Bosch Gomez, a PhD Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, recently presented at the Transformation Trend Forum (TTF) on topics about how designers can face uncertainty and change as they tackle wicked problems by using Systems methodology. The TTF this year was organized by Dr. Xiangyang Xin, an alumnus of the School of Design (MDes ’02, PhD ’07).

TTF is organized annually by the Alliance of Technology and Organization Transformation in China (ATOT).  The main topic this year, the conference’s fifth, is “Managing Change,” a timely topic during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“Dr. Xiangyang Xin was interested in the way I am developing work in the intersection of the public service, design and systems thinking,” said Bosch Gomez, who teaches during summertime at the Mexican Technological Institute (ITAM), where she mostly works with political science and international relations students. “Beyond presenting a part of my PhD research, I also presented on the work I have done with students in the School of Design, at an undergraduate level through the Systems class, but also at a Graduate level with an elective that the school offers titled ‘Design Thinking for Complex Systems.’

“He is really eager to introduce topics in regard to social design and other forms of practicing design beyond the traditional forms that are focused on the development of products or technology, but really rethinking how these respond to larger sociotechnical systems.”

Although the conference had to be held virtually this year, Bosch Gomez saw the opportunity in participating in a completely online conference.

“I think it was interesting that having the conference online allowed for a lot more people to connect and access it,” she added.

On top of her PhD Research and her teaching commitments, Bosch Gomez is one of the contributors to the Design in Transition / Diseño en Transición Podcast, a bilingual podcast about designing for systems level change toward more sustainable and equitable futures.

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Date Published: 
Monday, December 7, 2020
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