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This international symposium held in June 2016 on the Dartington Estate in Devon,home to pioneering experiments in living in the twentieth of century, brought together leading designers, educators, environmentalists and activists working, writing and researching on transition-related issues to explore the potential of Transition Design.

Invited panellists, all experts in their field, responded to a formal ‘provocation’ which informed and guided panel discussions for the Symposium. Attendees were invited to participate in the discussions and join a growing worldwide network of people engaged in transition-related projects, initiatives and research.

Panelists included: Andrew Simms, The New Weather Institute; Sevra Davis, RSA; Tom Crompton, Common Cause Foundation; Emma Dewberry, The Open University; Julie Richardson, Schumacher College; Robin Murray, The Young Foundation; Tony Greenham, RSA; Lucy Neal, Playing for Time; Hilary Cottam, design innovator & social entrepreneur; Dan Lockton, RCA; Lucy Kimbell, UAL: and Ingrid Mulder, Delft University of Technology; with an introduction from Rob Hopkins, Transition Network.

The Symposium was hosted by Schumacher College and Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design, in partnership with the New Weather Institute, the School of Design, Architecture and Environment at Plymouth University, The Centre for Global Political Economy at the University of Sussex and the Dartington Hall Trust.

It was co-organised by Terry Irwin, Gideon Kossof and Cameron Tonkinwise of Carnegie Mellon University working with Ruth Potts, Seaton Baxter and Mona Nasseri at Schumacher College.

Opening Panel

Values Panel Discussion

The Political Economy of Transition Discussion

Learning to Design and Implement Transitions Discussion

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Monday, January 9, 2017
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