Student Work

Experimental Form at Contemporary Craft

Student work from the School of Design's Experiential Forms class is currently on display at Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA. These works were donated to the nonprofit, visual arts organization to support their annual Out of Hand auction. The funds generated from the auction go towards supporting Contemporary Craft's annual operating budget and allow them to continue their mission of "engaging the public in creative experiences," free of charge.


The School of Design Welcomes Assistant Professor Daniel Rosenberg

The School of Design is proud to welcome Daniel Rosenberg to our faculty as an Assistant Professor starting in Fall 2021. Daniel is a designer, technologist, researcher, and educator who works to build a more humane technology, through design processes and products that seek to recognize, celebrate, and cultivate people's values and unique ways of living.

Featured Video by Communication Design Juniors

The first project from our Communication Design Juniors for Fall 2020. We partnered with, a group that believes that young people's full participation in the political process is essential to a truly representative, vibrant democracy. Each student designed a compelling public message campaign to help educate, motivate, and empower young people worldwide to register and vote. Their work will move and inspire you.

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