Preparing and Submitting a Portfolio

Whether your background is in design or not, you're required to submit a web-based portfolio of work to be considered for graduate study at Carnegie Mellon's School of Design. Include samples of recent work that represent the strengths of your professional, creative, or academic experience. This portfolio might be filled with design projects, writing samples, or summaries of other original projects you have undertaken. You may use photography, video, writing, or interactive presentations to demonstrate your work.

For long works – such as theses, book designs, and software applications – please select excerpts that best represent your strengths. For each piece, include a brief description (one paragraph) on content and context, to help us get to know you better and understand your creative and problem-solving approaches. If you include a collaborative work, make sure to identify your contributions.

We will evaluate your portfolio from multiple viewpoints, including visual or verbal communication skills, critical and analytical thinking, craftsmanship, ease of navigation, and creativity.

For candidates from non-design backgrounds applying to the MA program, we recognize that your portfolio will be different than a design portfolio. We are looking for supplemental information to your application that highlights your creative potential and interest in design. For example, your work might include written observations, blogs or critiques of existing work or things encountered in the world; artwork such as painting, ceramics, photography or video; musical or dramatic performances; academic or professional writing samples; and volunteer or professional contributions to projects.

Your portfolio must be web-based, and you must provide a link to your portfolio in your application package. Be sure that your site functions correctly on multiple platforms. No PDFs or physical portfolios will be accepted.