Harriet Riley

Harriet Riley


Harriet has over a decade of grassroots experience in community development and design for social innovation, working with nonprofits, community groups and social enterprises. Her primary area of skill and interest is coproduction: where citizens are involved in the creation of public policies and services. In contrast with traditional citizen involvement, in coproduction citizens are not only consulted, but are part of the conception, design, delivery, steering, and management of services.

This fits well with design for social innovation and the School of Design’s emerging work in Transition Design. Harriet’s work in the UK illustrates how important coproduction is in building sustainable services and robust connected communities and opens up new dimensions for social innovation and Transition Design at SoD. 

Harriet has collaborated with a wide range of UK organizations including neighborhood development groups such as Paddington Development Trust, the first hyperlocal council in London (Queen’s Park Community Council), major social housing providers, and think tanks such as the Young Foundation. Through this work she has developed an understanding of how coproduction with diverse stakeholders can work in practice.

In addition, Harriet is a specialist in alternative currencies – particularly time banking and time-based currencies, having spent over two years developing a local currency, as part of a Europe-wide project, with the social enterprise Spice Innovations, NESTA and the New Economics Foundation.