Ahmed Ansari

Ahmed Ansari

PhD in Design


Ahmed Ansari taught courses in interaction and game design, in the philosophy of science and technology, and in cultural and media theory at several academic institutions in Karachi before coming to Pittsburgh to pursue his PhD in Design Studies.

Right now, he is involved in studying and thinking about techno-social relationality and different ways of conceiving spatiality, especially in relation to ideas of immunology and excess, through the work of philosophers like Peter Sloterdijk and Georges Bataille. He is also interested specifically in how artifacts and systems are appropriated, reinterpreted, subverted and circumvented in urban contexts, giving rise to new political and social forms of life in the South Asian city.

A Fulbright scholar, he has an MDes in Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University, and a BDes in Communication Design from IVSAA, Karachi.