Sofía Bosch Gómez

Sofía Bosch Gómez

PhD in Transition Design

With a background in graphic design, Sofia’s research has been in participatory design, focusing on the role of design and designers within the Mexican public service, taking into account local circumstances. 

Sofia has a BFA in Design Art from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). From 2014 to 2016, she worked at the Laboratorio para la Ciudad  (Lab for the City), Mexico City’s government run experimental area. Here she engaged directly with civil servants and experienced first-hand the bureaucratic nuances of working in the public service.  

In 2016, as a Chevening Scholar, she earned an MA in Design: Critical Practice from Goldsmiths College (London, UK). After finishing her studies, she relocated to Mexico City where she joined the National Digital Strategy and worked closely with a range of federal offices to help them evaluate and improve their digital services.

Research interests:

  • design research in the public service | policy-making and implementation
  • systems thinking
  • design learning for non-designers

Studio: MM 108