Mary Tsai

Mary Tsai


Hi, I'm Mary.

I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University.

I am from Philadelphia and previously worked as an architect for a few years after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. My firm specialized in zoo and exhibit design and as project manager, I often had to coordinate between designers, contractors, engineers, and clients. I would often have to work with conservationists and curators to ensure the best possible environments and interactions for both the animals and the viewers. My experience in architecture influenced my way of thinking as a designer and I try to incorporate that perspective into my projects and designs. 

I decided to transition from architecture to Interaction and UX/UI Design once I realized that my strengths and design sense were more aligned with the interactive and product design industry. 

With a background in architecture (and LEED projects), sustainability has become one of my main focuses, particuarly in material sustainability and conservation. I have worked as a research assistant for professors at the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon that focus on sustainability and the important role it has in techonology.

In my free time, you'll find me in the woodshop, painting, or playing music!