Lokesh Fulfagar

Lokesh Fulfagar


Hello, I'm Lokesh, a thoughtful & impact-sensitive Product Designer who is passionate about crafting experiences that empower people.

I am currently furthering my aptitude in ethicslearning, & persuasive design as an MDes student in Interaction Design program at CMU. Before that, I worked with some amazing folks at Sprinklr & Microsoft, where I gained experience in the fields of AIsocialvoice, & behaviors. I explored different disciplines and developed my foundations in UX during my undergraduate study in design at IIT Guwahati, India.

I put my heart & (a lot of) thoughts into what I create & deeply care about its direct & indirect implications on the audience & business. I love challenging problems & obsess over the tiniest of details. Over years, I have found myself thriving in diverse, energetic, & close-knit teams. I am an initiative-taker, clean-freak, & offsite-planner.

Outside design, I love star-gazing, trekking snow-capped mountains, meditation, reading, board-games, and dogs!

Check out some of my key projects & publications at lokeshfulfagar.space!