William Rutter

William A Rutter


Hi there! I'm Will.

While I was born in Colorado and have lived on both coasts, I'm partial to the Pacific Ocean and consider myself "from" California. I grew up camping in the woods and riding horses (barrel racing and pole bending, for those familiar). My undergraduate degree consists of an SB in physics with a concentration in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; however, since graduation, I have been whole-heartedly pursuing design as a matter of professional and philosophical passion. I'm fascinated by complex systems, especially those involving people: in that vein, I'm excited by the opportunities design poses in understanding and potentially reforming the social, political, and economic forces that underlie the behemoth human systems running the world.

When I'm not considering design problems or exploring design theory, I entertain a broad array of interests including science, philosophy, food, music & performance, medicine, and aviation. In my past, I've worked as a professional vocalist, as an EMT in an ambulance, and pouring beer and wine behind a bar. I'm always seeking to explore and appreciate the many ways one can exist in the world and live life.