Mica Harrison Loosemore

Mica M Harrison Loosemore




Mica M. Harrison Loosemore is a fiber artist, costume designer, photographer, avid book reader and graduate student in design originally from New England. Mica has worked with Parallel 45 Theatre, Interlochen Shakespeare Festival, IU Summer Theatre (previously Indiana University Festival Theatre), and Cardinal Stage Company. Commissions include a permanent exhibition at Farm Bloomington and costumes for Winged Messenger with Martha Councell-Vargas at Western Michigan University School of Music. Costume designs include The Alphabet Experience, A Christmas Carol in Prose (2012 & 2016), Media, Cyrano, and The Shrew.

As an artist and designer, Mica focuses on the cultivation of relationships through connections and storytelling. Much of today's culture is driven by the need for immediacy through mass production, making it easy to lose touch with who and what is truly meaningful. Mica engages in the elevation of these relationships through art, design, and theatre. Her current work finds root in the relationships between humankind and nature.

Mica is enrolled in Carnegie Mellon University School of Design’s Master of Arts (MA) in Design program. She holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Fibers (Honors) and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History (Honors) from Indiana University in Bloomington. Mica studied under Andrew Twigg, Jonathan Chapman, Molly Steenson, Daphne PetersRowland Ricketts, and Megan Abajian. She is the great-granddaughter of Boston sculptor Frederick Warren Allen.

Mica is a Green Artist, a member of the Environmental Voter Project, and a member of Beyond Artists, a coalition of artists who donates a percentage of their project fees to organizations they care about. She supports Kurn Hattin Homes for Children through her projects. Mica serves as the Director of Recruitment and Enrollment at Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama while maintaining studios in Traverse City, MI, and Pittsburgh, PA.