Kimberly Blacutt

Kimberly June Blacutt


I’m Kimberly Blacutt, a first-year Master’s student in Interaction Design and Graduate Research Assistant at Carnegie Mellon University. I am also the recipient of the Hambrose fellowship. 

I’m focused on exploring the ways in which our virtual experiences affect our cognition, our emotions, and our actions. I’m fascinated by the relationship between our digital technologies and the reality they create. As an MDes student I'm eager to delve into design research methods, to use emerging technology to develop multi-modal media for multi-sensory experiences, to rethink large information systems, and to envision future urban landscapes. 

I am also a licensed landscape architect with four and half years of design experience at the award-winning landscape architecture firm, Surface 678 in Durham, North Carolina. Through my professional background I have learned to think about design as the shaping of something that will evolve, transform, and decay over time. Designing landscapes that are resilient, adaptable, beautiful, and capable of responding to changing conditions and different kinds of users, has taught me to think systemically, to visualize various potential futures, and to plan comprehensive solutions. I try to design while considering the interconnectedness of different dynamic elements and how they function together as a whole.

I have extensive experience with collaborative work in a professional setting. I have been on multidisciplinary teams with professionals including engineers, architects, planners, horticulturalists, and others in both public and private projects. My work experience has involved project management, design from advanced planning to schematic design, design development, construction documentation and construction administration.  

I hold a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and completed graduate work at BarcelonaTech - UPC. I am bilingual in English and Spanish, having spent most of my childhood in La Paz, Bolivia.