Gray Crawford

Gray Crawford


Hi! I'm interested in designing spatial interfaces for use as tools for creation and understanding.

In my master's thesis I am exploring the interactional grammar of simulated, manipulable objects unconstrained by the laws of physics.

I want spatial interfaces to leverage our manipulative capabilities, augmenting and extending our body schema.

I'm also interested in the application of massive pattern recognition systems (neural networks, "AI") to creative tools, collaborative systems, etc.

I was an AR/VR Design Intern at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, designing and prototyping hand-tracking-based bimanual spatial manipulation interactions for their Protospace AR CAD viewer. 

I am also a research assistant in Dan Lockton's Imaginaries Lab, researching data sonification and designing a system to sonify electricity use through ambient sonic metaphors.

As an undergraduate I attended St. John’s College, Santa Fe. There I studied the 'Great Books' to explore the structure of revolutions of scientific, mathematical, and philosophical thought.

My interest in design was galvanized by reading the thoughts of Bret Victor and Alan Kay.

I produce melodic and textural electronic music as Optia.