Chris Stygar

Chris Stygar

3D Lab Director

Industrial Design

Chris Stygar is 3D Lab Director for the School of Design. He is responsible for managing, planning, and maintaining the 3 dimensional prototyping methods, facilities, and equipment used for the school’s Industrial Design curriculum.

Chris is a twenty-year veteran of product development consultation. He has completed a wide variety of projects in the role of traditional Industrial Designer as well as User Experience and Interface Designer. The bulk of his projects involved the healthcare, laboratory, and safety industries and he served many fortune 500 companies including Philips, McKesson, Honeywell, InterMetro, and Westinghouse. His goal was always to work with client and customer to design solutions which create pride and satisfaction in manufacture and use.

Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon, Chris was a design manager for Daedalus Product Development. He has also worked for Bally Design and Henry Dreyfuss Design Associates. He holds several US and International patents and is a Spark Gold Award recipient.

Chris holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University.