Anna Gusman

I'm a Pittsburgh-based, New York raised, Italian-bred designer investigating the translation of ideas, identities and information through interactive spaces.

Working in new territories, new mediums and with new people is what excites me most about what I do. Currently I'm pursing a degree in Environments Design with concentrations in Intelligent Environments and Human Analytics at Carnegie MellonThis past summer I had the pleasure of working at Odopod to reimagine product concepts and experiences for prolific brands. Before that, I was hired as the lead graphic designer for a publication by The Earth Institute at Columbia University + NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies to visualize information regarding global climate change. I'm currently the lead graphic designer and strategist at Wick Editor, developing the brand strategy and visual language for an open-sourced creative toolkit for making interactive art, animations, games and more. I'm also currently employed as the Graphic and Web Designer at the Frank Ratcheye Studio for Creative Inquiry