Sarah Lee

Sarah Jeong Lee

Hi! I am Sarah Lee, nice to meet you!

I am a senior student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Products/ Industrial Design with a minor in Business Administration. Currently, I am actively seeking full-time opportunities upon graduation in May 2022. 

As a product designer, I am passionate about creating meaningful experiences between users and products through considerate and interactive design. I enjoy creating an impact by identifying complex challenges that are present, striving to discover what users need, then creating a better design interaction between the users and their experiences with products.

I became attracted to Design for its iterative process of drawing, designing, and making; ultimately, I value the interaction between humans and products to creatively solve problems in today’s society. I believe there is value in the power of user research and I want to use design as a tool to influence positive change.

During my free time, I enjoy exploring new coffee shops, driving during sunset hours, and cooking using family recipes! 

I love to meet new people and spend time sharing about my work, experience, and more! Feel free to view more about me at and contact me at! Hope to talk soon!