Stacie Rohrbach Begins Tenure as Director of Graduate Studies

In June 2019, Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design named Stacie Rohrbach as the Director of Graduate Studies for the MDes, MPS, and MA programs. Rohrbach is an Associate Professor who teaches Designing Experiences for Learning, Communication Design Theory and Practice, Design Studio and Thesis Preparation courses for students across the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

Masters Students on Navigating Information

As the U.S. presidential election quickly approaches, it’s critically important for people to have a strong understanding of the candidates’ policies and approaches before casting their votes. However, given the mass of news that inundates people and a tendency to gather information from a small set of familiar venues, it’s easy to get incomplete content and biased views. MDes and MPS students from the School of Design tackled this challenge by investigating the roles that communication plays in a range of news websites. They then used their discoveries to inform the making of design interventions that take a step-by-step approach to helping people navigate, analyze, and understand the news they read.
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