Social Innovation

Using Design to Spark Conversation About Homelessness

MA Student Carlie Guilfoile talks about her experience in Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design's Designing for Civic Conversations course.  The course, taught by PhD Candidate Michael Arnold Mages, tasked public policy and design students with designing a public event that would engage community members and stakeholders around the issue of homelessness in the Pittsburgh region.

Looking Back at the Winterhouse Symposium

Last August 7-9, the School of Design hosted the seventh annual Winterhouse Symposium. Terry Irwin, Head of the School of Design, and Associate Professor Kristin Hughes curated and coordinated the Symposium’s events. The 2016 cohort of 23 participants included School of Design faculty members Hannah du Plessis and Marc Rettig, as well as Ph.D. student Silvia Mata-Marin.

Flip Labs CEO Hosts Mini-Course on Designing for Systems Change

All of our social and environmental problems today are the result of human systems producing bad outcomes, whether that’s by design to reinforce existing power structures, or unintentionally due to unforeseen dynamics or consequences. In order to better understand how design process can be used to change the world, Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design approached Cheryl Dahle, CEO of Flip Labs, to put on a mini-course for students and members of Pittsburgh foundations.

Seniors Work on Play Space for Community Garden Project

As part of their senior studio project, which focuses on community engagement and transformation in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, a group of design students have been designing a play space for families in the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Garden.


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