Zoe Lehn

Zoe is a junior Communication Design major with a minor in Film & Media Studies at Carnegie Mellon University. While immersing herself in design studies at Carnegie Mellon, Zoe has continued to follow her passion for musical arts through participation in organizations such as Soundbytes a cappella and Scotch’n’Soda Theatre. An avid collector of maps, classic Disney records, and vintage photographs, Zoe loves to surround herself with old and new visuals to inspire her design process (and she loves a good thrifting trip). She appreciates the attentiveness to detail in these old objects and hopes to bring the same sensitivity to her work. Post-graduation she hopes to be a part of video or film creation in some capacity, bringing together her aptitude for film and for design.  Whether it be in the form of motion graphics, title design, or art direction, she strongly believes in the relationship between design and film in creating beautiful time-based imagery.

Currently searching for summer internship opportunities.
(Or at least, a good conversation about movies)