Gray Crawford

Gray Crawford


I'm interested in the creation of dynamic and manipulable systems, tools for cognition and creation, that lie outside the constraints of physical law by occupying virtual reality.

I'm interested in taking the internal states of these dynamic systems/tools and feeding them into the body as new senses (such as David Eagleman's Neosensory vest). Very interested in the uniting of user and tool by not only providing information about a tool's internal states through visual, tactile, proprioceptive, etc means, but also completely different and new sensory perception.

I'm also interested in the application of massive pattern recognition systems (neural networks, "AI") to creative tools, collaborative systems, etc.

As an undergraduate I attended St. John’s College, Santa Fe. There I studied the 'Great Books' to explore the structure of revolutions of scientific, mathematical, and philosophical thought.

My interest in design was galvanized by reading the thoughts of Bret Victor and Alan Kay.

I produce electronic music under the moniker Optia.