Ikjong Choi

Ikjong Choi

Product Designer


Hello! I’m Ikjong Choi, from Chicago, Illinois. I'm a student at Carnegie Mellon University with a background in design and architecture.

As an aspiring human-centered designer, I go to school to focus on applying design thinking to the way I tackle problems and try to get better at making products that give a clear message to the intended audience at their simplest form and not get caught up with aesthetics.

I strive to constantly push myself in order to explore and grab ahold of the possibilities ahead of me. And, I usually fail to achieve my original goal, but I learn as I do so. Of course, having something go as planned happens sometimes too, and it's definitely a relief when it does happen hahaha.

I'm currently looking for any exciting opportunities for summer 2018. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me to get to know me better or about anything I can help you with, and I hope you have a great day!

Email      ijchoi@andrew.cmu.edu

Phone    224 800 4409