Eugenia Perez

Eugenia Perez

PhD in Transition Design

Eugenia Perez is a PhD Teaching Fellow for the School of Design. She is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela and has a background in Graphic Design. Moving away from form and more towards designing for complex systems, her current focus is on the direction of the field of design and the contributions that design can make to different disciplines. 

Eugenia’s studies as a Graphic Designer in the United States began at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where she pursued an MA in Graphic Design and an MA in Luxury and Fashion Management. She worked as an interactive web developer for Gulfstream Aerospace where she collaborated with different teams within the organization but after a few years decided to further her research capabilities as a designer, returning to SCAD for an MFA in Graphic Design and Visual Experience. Her research focused on the development of empathic experiences that question the boundaries of self and others in order to raise awareness in areas such as mental health, immigration and human relationships; her thesis focused on empathy and its effect on the development of new visual metaphors for immigration in the United States.

Eugenia is committed to design and design education and to shaping the future of these through Transition Design. Through her PhD she hopes to grow the minds and hearts of audiences to instill positive values and to create better living environments for people in all parts of the world. 

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