Silvana Juri

Silvana Juri

PhD in Transition Design

Silvana Juri is a Uruguayan designer, researcher and educator with experience as a visual communications professional doing commercial and community-arts related work. As a designer/artist, she collaborates with trandisciplinary projects and conducts research-through-practice exploring the intersections between food, design and sustainability and its potential for societal change. 

She holds a BA in Visual Arts (University of the Republic, Uruguay) and an MA in Sustainable Design (University of Brighton, UK), as a Chevening Scholar. Her master's thesis received the Environmental Award from the University of Brighton (2016). She has also gained teaching experience as a visual communication design lecturer and at an interdisciplinary community-based program in Uruguay. At present, she is a Teaching Fellow at the School of Design (teaching within the Design Studies undergraduate track) and acts as a lecturer for different programs in Uruguay.

Her research interests focus on how to leverage collaboration, creativity and design's wisdoms to transform our food cultures and systems towards sustainable and reslient futures.

Silvana is engaged with a variety of Uruguayan and international collectives and networks such as the Latin American Netowork of Food Design and its Journal. She is also a Research Associate at the South American Institute for Resilience and Sustainability Studies (SARAS) where she leads the Food & Sustainability Theme and also co-coordinates SARAS Transition Lab. 

Research interests:

. designing for transitions/transformations towards sustainable food futures
. design + resilience thinking
. socio-technical-ecological systems
. research-through-design and transdisciplinarity
. sustainable food design
. creativity for wisdom

Studio: MM 108


Latest publications:

Juri, S., Zurbriggen, C., Bosch Gómez, S., & Ortega Pallanez, M. (2021). Transition Design in Latin America: Enabling Collective Learning and Change. Frontiers in Sociology, 6, 202.