Donna Maione

Donna Maione

PhD in Transition Design

Donna Maione is a design consultant from Brooklyn, New York who focuses on design for a sustainable future toward a closed-loop system. She is a designer, educator, and sustainability consultant who continuously seeks to improve the creative and business process to adapt to the evolving environment.

She was the founding designer of a clothing line, as well as an apparel designer for other national brands. More recently, she works as a sustainable development consultant in the nonprofit sector, where she advises on program development, training, and implementation of strategy and policy. Most recently, Donna has taught Sustainable Systems at Parsons The New School For Design, in New York City and is a textile and visual artist exploring environmental, ethical, and practical issues in the textile industry.

Donna holds an MS in Organizational Change Management, with a focus on Sustainable Development, and a Certificate in Sustainability Strategies from The New School. She also studied at NYU where she has a BA with a concentration in Organizational Behavior, and an AAS from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a specialization in Knitwear Design.

Her research interest, at the moment, seeks out better ways of understanding our perceptions around waste and our notion of circularity in the material, social, and economic sense.