Isha Hans

Isha Hans


Who I am

I’m a multi-faceted Designer with 7+ years of experience in leveraging research insights to create thoughtfully designed outcomes. My interest in engaging with complex problems to innovate and craft desirable futures has led me to work with multi-disciplinary teams: with fellow designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, business and strategy professionals. From 2020 to 2021 I worked with Bosch's venture Building team to create an early stage AI-based startup with a market value of $100M in the US alone. 

My Skills

I'm a systems thinker and thrive in ambiguity. No matter the nature of the problem, I bring structure to the unknown by thinking across scales: from the bigger picture of the system to the finer details and everything in between. I don't limit myself by the confined definitions of UX Design or Service Design or UX Research or Strategic Design, because I believe in a combination of all these to create a holistic product/service. This ability has helped me successfully lead teams during problem identification, framing, ideation phases, and development phases to traverse the gap between unmet needs and incubating a real product.

Current Work

For the last two years, I have been exploring my passion for the Ethics of emerging technology through an exploration of Data Privacy for Smart Spaces. More particularly, I'm trying to bring a more people-centered and place-centered perspective to these conversations which usually have a dominant focus on the regulation or technical side of things.

I'm looking for a Full-time role from June 2022 onwards, please feel free to email or reach out on LinkedIn.