Chen-Yu Chiu

Chen-Yu Chiu


Hi, I’m Chen-Yu!

I'm a 3-yr experience Product Designer from Taiwan & a master’s student @ Carnegie Mellon School of Design. I design interfaces that humanize complex systems and backend systems that support them. I’m currently now seeking a summer internship.

Prior to CMU, I was a product designer working in a cross-functional team at IgniteNet, powered by a world major supplier of quality networking equipment, bringing delightful and intuitive user experience to the company’s major product, IgniteNet Cloud Controller, a networking device management system. My job ranged from concept, research, wireframing, prototyping to hi-fi screens. I also co-led the building of Design System for the company’s future scale, with people across different countries.

As time goes by, I started to explore different kinds of interaction design. I attended a conversational user interface class at UserXper, a major design consultancy in Taiwan, and volunteered at design communities such as Girls in Tech and Ladies That UX to inviting designers to share their experiences. This curiosity continues to lead me to CMU, where I can explore and strengthen designing experiences across digital and physical spaces. 

I love to do photography, play guitar, potluck with family and friends.

Feel free to reach out! I’m always down for a chat!