Stephen Stadelmeier

Stephen Stadelmeier

Associate Professor

Stephen Stadelmeier is an Associate Professor in the School of Design. He joined the SoD in 1977, served as Interim Head of School twice, was Associate Head for ten years and takes pleasure in working alongside such remarkable colleagues and students. He currently serves the school in the undergraduate curriculum with Studio courses in the first year program, Product track technology courses, and Environments track studio/lab coursework.

He has served with five CMU presidents, five CFA deans, and nine SoD heads.

With decades of research and consulting work experience, the relationship of the beliefs people hold to the choices they make has emerged as a focus in his personal and professional pursuit. Why has become more interesting than how.

He is a lifelong cyclist and builder, classical machinist and mechanic, and enthusiast of people’s relationship to the artifacts they make, now and in the past.

Stadelmeier is captivated by devices in the service of art.

He holds an MS in Design & Environmental Analysis from Cornell University and a BFA in Sculpture from the University of the Arts.