Lucas Barnes

Where am I now?

I am pursuing a BDes (intending to focus on the Products track), with an additional major focus in Environmental & Sustainability Studies. I enjoy filling any time I have outside of the studio with the performing arts (theatrical and vocal), as well as occasional on-campus environmental engagement. Between semesters, I return to Chicago where I grew up and spend my time working on personal design projects and relaxing.

Where do I want to go?

While I obviously can't predict where my career will go, I have a couple of definite goals.

I hope to reach a point in my professional career when I'm working for a product design firm that values collaboration and new opinions to develop a range of experience in designing products of many types. Otherwise, I hope to eventually develop my own business or firm that in any and every form gives people across the world access to high-quality, affordable, and truly sustainable products.

However, should another opportunity come my way, of course I would consider deviating from this fanciful path.