Melissa Cicozi

Melissa White Cicozi

Associate Head

Melissa White Cicozi is the Associate Head of the School of Design, and she is also the general Academic Advisor for all Design undergraduates. Her education includes a BA in Psychology & Sociology from Washington University, an MPM from the Heinz School at CMU, and a certification in crisis counseling.

Cicozi's interests include sustainability as it relates to design, communities and business, preservation of green space, green practices, and design problem-solving within a social context.

She is the recipient of the Carnegie Mellon’s 2007 University Advising & Mentoring Award.

Cicozi completed three years as a participant in a three-year grant funded by the Luce Foundation, “The Greening of Early Undergraduate Education.” The grant promoted teaching environmental literacy in the first and second year of college education, to encourage students to incorporate environmental systems thinking into upper level course projects.

Outside of Carnegie Mellon, Cicozi chaired a Parks Advisory Board for six years, and served 14 years on the Executive Board for Construction Junction, a non-profit organization promoting reuse of building materials. She previously served three years on the board of Mt. Lebanon Extended Day Program, a non-profit after-school care program.

Academic Advising Appointments for current CMU students: