Nema Rao

Nema Rao

Interaction Designer

Communication Planning and Information Design

Nema Rao is a MDes candidate in the Communication Planning and Information Design program at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design. She loves working on systemic interaction design problems/opportunities requiring many minds – motivated by the moments of clarity and insight that move these projects forward. 

At CMU, this graphic designer (in a previous life) and lover of type (till today), has explored a range of classes in the business school and in the wood shop, but mostly in the interaction and communication design studio, propelling her understanding of technology and design in both application and academic research. It has been a rewarding experience resonating with her personal philosophy of ‘becoming’ and growth.

She grew up in Germany, Bangladesh, India and the U.S., and feels at home wherever there is a culture of creativity, continuous improvement, collaboration and kindness.