CMU Senior Design Show

After almost four years at Carnegie Mellon University, the senior design class celebrated their accomplishments and shared their most recent projects.

Featured Video by Gabrielle Williams

Gabbie Williams, an ID alum, was a finalist in the International Design for Experience Awards (DfE). Presented in partnership with UX Magazine, the DfE awards recognize people, teams, and companies that have achieved success in the design of user- and customer-centered products or services.

The award was for her senior project Budgie in the Mark Baskinger's Risk Studio and was awarded in the "Experience that Makes a Difference" category. The Budgie project is a digital tool for college students to create a budget to bring awareness to spending and encourage them to connect finances to long term goals. The tool has a customizable dashboard followed by three hubs that have specific goals within each section. The personal hub provides understanding, the social hub provides accountability, and the experiential hub provides the practice for the user in the context of their everyday lives. Together, these three hubs create an ideal experience for the user to understand their personal finances by addressing the issue of personal versus social behaviors. And although the user is encouraged to utilize all three, it takes into account that some users may not want to use the system to the full extent and would still benefit from using only one or two of the hubs.

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