Design Faculty Wins Award for Supercomputing Resources

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) has just awarded Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design's Associate Professor Peter Scupelli and Post-Doctoral Researcher Paul Inventado supercomputing resources for their proposal entitled "Creative Workplace Alchemies: Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning to Study Occupancy of Individual Workspaces and Collaboration Hotspots."

Class Projects

Design Students Explore Landscape Metaphors for Project Modeling

On March 30th, Juniors in the “Persuasion” class took part in a workshop to explore practically how physical and visual landscape metaphors could help elicit new insights about complex experiences—in this case, modeling and reflecting on group design projects. MA student Delanie Ricketts and Assistant Professor Dan Lockton take you through the workshop, which involved students collaboratively creating "landscape" models representing projects they have worked on, using simple paper cut-outs of features such as hills, trees, weather, and people.

Featured Video by Sophie Vennix, Kristen Chon, Mackenzie Dunn, Celina Liao

Behind the Board is an organization which seeks to establish creative opportunities for aspiring teenagers in the Hazelwood community. At Behind the Board, Hazelwood teens will collaborate with mentors and local business owners to hand-paint sandwich boards for these businesses. This program will not only provide a safe environment for teenagers to gain exposure in business environments, but will help build relationships throughout the Hazelwood community as a whole.

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