Featured Video by Alex Sciuto, Leslie Bloomfield, and Shannon Impellicceiri

GrassRoots Video Sketch at Microsoft Design Expo 2014 from Alex Sciuto on Vimeo.

GrassRoots is a concept for a neighborhood sensor system that enables neighbors to collect information they care about, make sense of the data collected, and share it with their neighbors. For Design Expo, Microsoft asked the question, "In the future, what will the world of a billion sensors look like?" GrassRoots is the response to that question from the Interaction Design program asked by Peter Scupelli  and Bruce Hanington in their class Grad Studio II + Research Methods.

GrassRoots student team: Leslie Bloomfield (reallygoodart.com), Shannon Impellicceiri (shannoni.com), and Alex Sciuto (alexsciuto.com

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