Fighting Blight

Wilkinsburg Vacant Home Tour

When a group of students came together as part of Kristin Hughes and Tim Zak’s class, they never expected their class project to cause ripples of change within the Pittsburgh community. Designed and conceived of as part of their Design & Policy for Humanitarian Impact class in the Fall of 2014, the team created the Wilkinsburg Vacant Home Tour. The WIlkinsburg Vacant Home Tour is a self-guided tour, showcasing abandoned and vacant properties, leading tour participants on a journey back in time through the narratives of these homes and buildings, addressing and reframing the problem of blight.

Featured Video by Ben Boesel

This product exploration, made as part of Wayne Chung's Products in Systems class, aims to create an experience that engages people in the act of making. It showcases how game design can potentially be used achieve this goal.

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