About Our Programs

The School of Design at Carnegie Mellon is one of the only design programs in America to offer degrees at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels within a multi-disciplinary research university. It is also one of the first to integrate the topics of sustainability and social innovation into the core of all curricula.

Undergraduate Degree: We offer a ‘customizable’ BDes degree with tracks in Product (Industrial) Design, Communication (Graphic) Design and design for Environments (both digital and analog). 

Graduate Degrees: We offer one and two-year, masters-level degrees for students with and without previous design experience.

Doctoral Degrees: We offer a three-year non-residential professional doctorate, a residential four-year PhD in design as well as a five-year, part-time PhD. 

The summer pre-college program introduces design to high school juniors and seniors and customized executive education is offered for organizations interested in design thinking and strategy.

Our New Programs and Curricula

The School of Design has launched exciting new programs that respond to the increased demand for design and design’s evolving role in the 21st century. Our programs acknowledge two important changes in the fields of design:  

1. Design has become a highly interactive, collaborative, and trans-disciplinary activity that is integral to the success of businesses and institutions all over the world and,  2. these organizations are recognizing the need for new problem-solving approaches in light of mounting social and environmental challenges. Designers who understand and can solve for these complex ‘systems problems’ will be in increasing demand in the coming decades.

Read more about our new program framework designed to provide an excellent design education for the 21st century.